• Authenticity and tranquility
    Authenticity and tranquility

  • Comfort & Privacy
    Comfort & Privacy

  • In the heart of the Algarve
    In the heart of the Algarve

Quinta dos Amigos by Isabel Vilela

     The sun and the thin sand beaches, the architecture and the landscape, the friendliness of the people and the welcoming and safe environment, seduced Isabel Vilela, the current owner of Quinta dos Amigos, to settle in the Algarve in 1990.

Having acquired Quinta dos Amigos - a large 19th century farmhouse - its recovery transforming it in individual accommodation became the main objective.
Keeping and respecting the existing traditional architectural image, both in terms of the built complex and in terms of the exterior spaces - squares and gardens framing the swimming pools - 20 rural tourism accommodation units were created with different characteristics, each apartment assuming an environment and own individuality.


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